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So how's everyone doing?

$orry been a bit quiet a$ of late, working on a large web$ite with lot$ of cu$tom functionality. Wink

Sadly, its not a site I can really do eoCMS on... here's the list of why:
One month to complete:

  • Log in via site, OpenID, or company login... if OpenID or company login are used, create and update user profile

  • Shopping cart

  • Paypal.com, Google Checkout, and Authorize.net payment gateways

  • E-Learning system, where courses can be paid for separately from shopping cart, using a Paypal system that uses IPN

  • Ability to server-side convert .ppt into .swf

  • Easy access to e-course tests, for user to easily maintain the system themselves

  • Tracking of user shipments on-site, by polling USPS, UPS, and Fedex servers

  • Item review system similar to Newegg, that includes option to video review via youtube link

  • All within a very strict template, they are supplying

The reason I'm mentioning here, is these might be ideas for things that might be put on a list somewhere for things eoCMS might need. Sadly, not even Joomla, Wordpress, Typo3, or other CMS's with its all of their giant lists of both commercial and noncommercial extensions can do all of this.
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eoCMS Developer
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Re: So how's everyone doing?

i am working on an openid mod right now for another site which i plan to include soon.

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eoCMS Designer
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Re: So how's everyone doing?

I (will) be working on:
1: EnergyBlue
~and then~
2: The Admin Guide.

It has to be in that order for a number of reasons, chief among which is the fact that half of the admin guide has been written with screenshots of the old EnergyBlue theme, and it would look strange if the screenshots were suddenly to change to the new default half way through.

Things are quite busy at the moment though, so progress is slow Sad.

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