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Not really a bug as such...

But if you look on the main forum view, at the topic titles that have last been posted in:

Many of them will lo...

...ok like that, with elipses at the end of them, problem is that at higher resolutions, the text is ending miles before the end of the box:

| Sort of like thi...              |

Which sort of looks like a waste of space. Is there any way that the elipses could only kick in at a certain distance from the end of the cell, so on lower resolutions, the sentence, 'My Name is eoCMS and I like cheese' would look like this:

| My Name is eoC... |

and on higher resolutions:

| My Name is eoCMS and I like cheese |

Sorry if I'm nitpicking Tongue

Edit: And I just noticed that some of them are using elipses regardless of whether they need them or not, so there's one topic called 'Translation', but it's coming out as 'Translation...'
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Re: Not really a bug as such...

I can remove the ellipses if it is just one word. Resolution isnt possible without JavaScript as PHP cant grab that sort of data

Please do not PM me requesting support or anything, use the forums, thats what they are here for

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