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Information about eoCMS


I am trying to make a list of the most used CMS (-HERE- the list), eoCMS is part of the list.

I need some information about eoCMS:

- Year the project started ?
- PHP version required?
- Database compatibility?
- Available modules/features: Articles, Blog, Calendar, Contact form, Events, Forum, File manager, Image Galleries, Messages, Newsletter, Poll, Tag system, RSS, Search form, Shoutbox, Statistics, User registration, Wiki, WYSIWYG, ...

The page of eoCMS is -HERE- .

Can someone help me with this information? Or correct the information I have already put.

Thank you,
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eoCMS Developer
eoCMS Developer
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Re: Information about eoCMS

Started around 2007, requires at least PHP version 5, NOT 4, EGI is incorrect, eoCMS is apart of eoDivision which was not founded till late last year and its site http://eodivision.com is still under construction

Please do not PM me requesting support or anything, use the forums, thats what they are here for

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